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Most new airport proposals for south-east England seem to be promoted by architectural practices; several of the proposals are unashamedly futuristic – at the expense of build-ability. The Goodwin Airport proposal is different in that it has been conceived as a practical solution by engineers.Beckett Rankine is the UK’s leading firm of specialist marine consulting engineers; based in Westminster and working worldwide Beckett Rankine has long experience of planning and designing port developments, coastal defences, dredging and land reclamation schemes.In the UK the firm’s experience includes the design of the Grain LNG terminal, the Thames flood defences, more cargo handling facilities than we can remember and 14 piers on the Thames. On the East Coast we have worked at every port of any size between Harwich and Southampton so we have an unrivalled understanding of the area and its environment.

We are experienced in working on large projects with tight delivery programmes. One of our recent projects was to create the world’s largest manmade harbour in Qatar to accommodate the country’s rapidly increasing gas export traffic. Beckett Rankine’s masterplan for the port of Ras Laffan set out the strategy for a tenfold expansion in the port’s capacity; our design included 9 million cubic metres of dredge and reclamation and construction of over 22km of breakwater enclosing a similar area to that required for the Goodwin Airport Island. This massive project was designed in two years then constructed in three, between 2006 and 2009. The port now handles more LNG cargoes than any other port in the world. For more information on Beckett Rankine projects see our website here

Goodwin Airport Island and Ras Laffan to the same scale

Goodwin Airport Island and Ras Laffan to the same scale

While we have a detailed understanding of issues relating to construction in a maritime environment we could not have developed the concept of Goodwin Airport without assistance from specialists in airport design. We are particularly grateful for the help we have received from one of the UK’s leading architectural practices who have a very talented airport design division. We have also received invaluable assistance from one of London’s premier planning, transportation and regeneration practices.

In the public sector we are grateful for the advice and guidance we have received from the Mayor of London’s office, from TfL and from NATS.

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