The Maritime Group endorses Goodwin Airport

Captain Malcolm W Parrott, FRIN, FCILT, MNI a director of The Maritime Group and past master of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners has offered support to the Goodwin Airport proposal saying:

“The Maritime Group (International) Limited, a world class Maritime Consultancy specialising in Ferries, cruise vessels and ports, are excited by Beckett Rankine’s new conceptual idea for a SE England Hub Airport based on the Goodwin Sands. The sands are notorious for shipwrecks and in times gone by many a sailor has lost his life at the end, or beginning of a voyage. The new airport will turn this maritime black spot into a vibrant, exciting, safe modern arrival or departure place for travellers.

“The Maritime Group  are proud to have advised Beckett Rankine on navigational aspects surrounding the new proposed airport.  Unlike other proposals for an airport in the Thames Estuary Goodwin Airport will not interfere with any shipping lanes and will, by its visibility, greatly reduce the existing danger presented by the Goodwin Sands. Furthermore the increased shelter provided by the new airport island will make the Downs an even better anchorage than it is at present. The Maritime Group endorse this initiative, which would at a stroke solve the UK’s hub airport problem, reduce noise and environmental pollution and put the UK in the forefront of European aviation.

“The conceptual idea calls for a new small port. This in effect will help to develop the ports of Dover and Ramsgate where high speed ferries could supplement the tunnel/bridge to the island airport. High Speed Ferries/Hovercraft or even Wing in Ground Effect craft could also be operated to Calais, Boulogne, Dunkirk, Zeebrugge or Ostend offering an alternative means of high speed travel.

We wish the Goodwin Airport scheme every success.”

Posted – 11 January 2013
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