Analysis from Mark Norman – BBC South East Business Correspondent

“The fact that it is being called a “hub for northern Europe” gives us a clue as to what the architects are thinking.

The discussions about UK airport capacity include arguments about how we need to integrate with and compete against our European neighbours. This new plan might offer a chance to do both.

A Goodwin Sands airport also might offer better infrastructure links than one in the Thames.

High speed train services, the A2/M2, a possible new second Thames crossing at Gravesend and ferry traffic to Europe could all offer support.

However, the technical challenge and the environmental arguments will be huge and it is one of those projects that the general public struggles to take seriously.

This is a serious proposal from a firm who have a good track record and it will now be considered alongside the other equally grand plans for an international hub airport in the South East.”

This analysis was originally posted with this BBC News article

Posted – 24 December 2012
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